Silicone + Memory Foam Ear Tips For AirPods Pro

160,00 kr

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Fits better and shuts out more noise
Ear tips that have an outer layer of silicone but also an intermediate layer of memory foam that provides an increased fit and makes your AirPods Pro stay in place. Can block out even more noise as they can isolate better than the original ear tips. *

Stays in place all day

Memory foam first shrinks and then expands to form perfectly to your ears. Together with the outer layer of silicone, it provides a significantly better fit and increases comfort throughout the day, during training or running.

All sizes are included

Each package includes 2 Small, 2 Medium and 2 Large.

Shipped from our warehouse in Sweden
We send all our orders from our warehouse in Sweden and they reach you within 3-8 working days. Free shipping!
"We get a closer fit that increases both comfort and sound insulation." 
Read the full review here.

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