Silicone and Memory Foam Ear Tips for Apple AirPods Pro (Generation 1 & 2)

"We get a closer fit that increases both comfort and sound isolation." - Experts from 99mac

Ear tips for Apple AirPods Pro that have an outer layer of silicone but also an intermediate layer of memory foam that adjusts to your own ears. This can provide an increased fit and block out even more noise as they can isolate better than the original ear tips. Each package includes 3 pairs of ear tips. 

*The fit of a product like this is very individual, so there is no guarantee that they will shut out more noise and provide a better fit for everyone.

What is the difference between Nearplugs and the original ear tips and do they shut out more noise?
This model is made of both silicone and memory foam which is a soft and comfortable material that gives an increased fit and keeps your AirPods Pro to stay in place. Memory foam first shrinks during compression and then expands and fills the space in the ear, which gives a very good fit. They can shut out even more noise because they can isolate better than the original ear tips. It is very personal though and this can't be seen as a guarantee.

How do you attach Nearplugs on the AirPods Pro?
The best way is to grab the lower plastic part and push them with a little force straight into the AirPods Pro bracket.

Does Nearplugs work on any other headphones than AirPods Pro?
No, Nearplugs is only compatible with Apple AirPods Pro (both 1st and 2nd generation).

Will the AirPods Pro fit in the case with Nearplugs?
Yes, they fit perfectly in the case.

How long does these ear tips with Memory Foam last?
The lifespan of these ear tips is difficult to say because it depends on several factors such as how they are used, how often they are used, the environment and how much sweat, wax and dirt has ended up on them. Clean them occasionally, but do not use soap, detergent or other alcohol-based cleaners as it may damage the Memory Foam.

I have previously bought a package of Nearplugs with all sizes, is it possible to buy only one size when they need to be replaced?
By default each size is included in a package as the ear tips may differ in size from Apple's original, so you may need to change the size from the one you usually use. When you know what size you have and when you want to replace your Nearplugs, there is a possibility to buy a 1-pack/3-pack with the size you are looking for, please contact us at


"We get a closer fit that increases both comfort and sound isolation."

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Fits perfectly in charging case

Middle layer of memory foam that gives you a better fit


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