Memory Foam Ear Tips Version 2.0 for Apple AirPods Pro (Generation 1 & 2)

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Ear tips for Apple AirPods Pro that are designed and developed to give you the best possible fit and comfort. Unique oval shape with a more narrow front and larger back can provide improved sound insulation and block out more noise. The memory foam material is even softer, adapting more closely to your ear canals, without pain and discomfort. The surface has a matte finish that provides a better fit and is also easier to clean. 

*The surface that is easier to clean only applies to the model in black color.
The fit of a product like this is very individual, so there is no guarantee that they will shut out more noise and provide a better fit for everyone.

Designed and developed to provide you with the best possible fit and comfort

Updated oval shape and softer memory foam for an even more secure fit and better sound isolation. Developed based on feedback from our thousands of customers.

Öronkuddar Apple AirPods Pro Generation 1 & 2 - Memory Foam - Svart - Nearplugs

Experience maximum comfort and sound isolation

The new oval shape is developed to adapt to your ear canals more precisely.

Improved surface with a matte finish that better resists dirt

Improved grip and fit. Additionally, easier to clean from wax, dirt and sweat.*

Öronkuddar Apple AirPods Pro Generation 1 & 2 - Memory Foam - Svart - Nearplugs

The mesh net provides better protection for your headphones against dust and dirt

New placement of the mesh net that keeps dust, dirt and other particles away from your AirPods Pro.


What's the new features of the 2.0 version?

This model is designed based on feedback from our thousands of customers, aiming to create the best ear tips for Apple's AirPods Pro.

  • Upgraded oval shape with a narrower front and larger back to fit better in the ear and provide even better sealing.
  • The memory foam material is softer, ensuring a more comfortable fit.
  • The surface has a matte finish for easier cleaning.*
  • The mesh net has been updated and relocated to the underside, as it was previously at risk of breaking on the top.

    *The surface that is easier to clean only applies to the model in black color.

What are the sizes like?

Because the shape is different from our previous model and Apple's original ear tips, you may need a different size than what you've used before. We recommend that you first try any of the mixpacks XS/S/M or S/M/L so you can try and see which size that fits best for you.

We have made 4 sizes: XS, S, M, and L, and they are slightly larger in size than the previous models.

Size L is as large as it can be to fit into the charging case, based on feedback from our customers who felt that a larger size than L was missing on the market.

Do they fit in the charging case?

Yes, they fit well in the charging case. Make sure to press them down firmly (especially if you are using size L).

How do you attach them to the headphones?

The best way is to grab the lower plastic part and push them with a little force straight into the AirPods Pro bracket. Watch our guide here guide.

How long do memory foam ear tips last?

The lifespan is difficult to determine as it depends on several factors such as how they are used, how often they are used, the environment, and how much sweat, wax, and dirt has accumulated on them. Clean them gently periodically, but do not use soap, detergent, or other alcohol-based cleaning agents as it may damage the material.

We recommend replacing the ear tips after approximately 6 months.

Is there any difference on the two different colors?

Yes, there is a difference in the surface of the black color compared to the light gray. The black model has a surface that resists dirt better and is easier to clean. The light gray color is not as resistant to wax and dirt so we recommend you to go with the black color if this is a problem for you.

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