Silicone and Memory Foam Ear Tips for Apple AirPods Pro (Generation 1 & 2)

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Ear tips for Apple AirPods Pro that have an outer layer of silicone but also an intermediate layer of memory foam that adjusts to your own ears. This can provide an increased fit and block out even more noise as they can isolate better than the original ear tips. Each package includes 3 pairs of ear tips. 

*The fit of a product like this is very individual, so there is no guarantee that they will shut out more noise and provide a better fit for everyone.


"We get a closer fit that increases both comfort and sound isolation."

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Fits perfectly in charging case

Middle layer of memory foam that gives you a better fit


What is the difference compared to Apple's original ear tips?

This model is made of both silicone and memory foam, which is a soft and comfortable material that can provide a better fit and keep your AirPods Pro in place. They can block out even more sound because they seal better than the regular ear tips, as they are made of memory foam that first compresses and then expands to fill the space in your ear, providing a very good fit. However, this cannot be seen as a guarantee since the fit is very individual and may vary depending on your ears.

Do they fit in the charging case?

Yes, they fit well in the charging case. Make sure to press them down firmly (especially if you are using size L).

How do you attach them to the headphones?

The best way is to grab the lower plastic part and push them with a little force straight into the AirPods Pro bracket. Watch our guide here guide.


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